Although it’s not rare for me to join projects only at the Mixing or Mastering stage, I always favor being involved as early as possible in the creative process of an album production. This allows me to bring the best out of an artist and give a more significant contribution to an album.
Pre-Production is by far the most important and challenging stage of all and it can easily feel overwhelming for the musicians, that’s why the unbiased opinion and honesty brought by a Producer is incredibly beneficial during the making of a song: smart choices in Songwriting and Arrangement are way more effective than the “we’ll fix it in the mix” mentality.
The Pre-Production stage doesn’t necessarily require a studio and it can even be conducted long distance.

To satisfy as many Recording inquiries as possible, I’m constantly developing a network of recording studios across Europe in which it is possible to work with me eliminating geographical distances. So far this network includes:

Music Shack Studio in Stockholm, Sweden

Snakes Studio in Rome, Italy

Sun Studios & Temple Lane Studios in Dublin, Ireland

All Mixing and Mastering work is carried out at The Forge Music Studio in Stockholm, Sweden (ex- The Devil’s Mark Studio).

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