My name is Marco S. Vermiglio and I am a Producer and Multi-instrumentalist born in Rome, Italy in 1993 and I currently reside in Stockholm, Sweden.
I have been writing music since 2008 and I started producing, recording, mixing and mastering records in 2017.
In 2021 I founded The Forge Music Productions, focused on the act of creating meaningful music that will stand the test of time.

The Forge represents my vision of Music Making as a craft with no secrets but the blood, sweat and tears necessary to shape your unique sound. I do not offer formulas or shortcuts that will make your music better ’cause there aren’t.
I can help you to find and speak your truth: it lies between melodies to refine, chords to re-arrange and rhymes to re-write.

If you want to walk this path with me, I’ll be there.